Never you

As time goes by the sky turns blue
and so does everything we do.
Can't you see it's always me,
it's never you, never you -

Life's too good and Love's too true,
I'm stuck to you with paper glue
but rock is all I'll ever be,
it's never you, never you -

as the sky turns silvergrey
the greenest grass withers to hay,
and all the seagulls laugh at me -
the blackest stone they'll ever see -

and we will be okay,
but that is all we'll ever be,
and it is always me, never you,
it's always me, always me...

Yes it is high, the price we pay
to turn to face this our decay,
but our choice is never free
so it wouldn't matter anyway -

you cannot hide and I can't stay,
we couldn't last another day,
it's never you, always me
and I don't know what else to say...

I'm sorry, but I always knew
that we weren't meant to be,
it's never you, never you,
never you, it's always me -

you deserve much more than this,
I'd give you all, you know I would -
the sweetest love, the deepest bliss -
but I never could, never could...

Postat av: Anonym

Väldigt bra låttext till den här låten, men det är i ditt gitarrspelande du briljerar mest tycker jag.

Mycket bra!

2010-08-13 @ 09:38:28
Postat av: Anonym

Häftigt värre!

2010-10-01 @ 10:29:36

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