Sense of selflessness

It's dark outside, the shades are drawn so I can't even see the stars
and everything I think about is how all good things are too far
away, and everything I dream I'm sure will give me mental scars
and winter's coming with the cold and sadness pain and all and.. oh wait...

Turn the lights on
and watch the sun
as it rises,
and be done
with the self-caused
and self pity...

...but then again, the nights are long and I can't even write this song
for you, to know just what I feel, and really tell you all that's wrong
about this world, about this life, and you won't get it but come on,
I need to scream I need to shout to tear me up to feel.. oh, oh no...

Let the stars die,
you can stay
on the bright side
of your life!
You're as good now -
on your own -
as when the stars shone...

...still, how am I supposed to be okay when I can barely live,
(...just keep trying...)
to try again when I've already given all that I could give,
(...and hold on...)
to hold on to the beauty when it's way too dark for me to see
( will see it...)
it, how am I supposed to do it, how am I supposed to, tell me...
('ll get through!)

Just be patient,
(...I'm not that strong and not that pure...)
and endure,
there is nothing
(...there is nothing I can do...)
you can't do...

We will take this
(...I can't take this, can't go on...)
and get on,
we will not be
(...I will be broken down...)
broken down.


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