For the last time

For the last time
I will cry for the time we spent
in denial
of our past and the way things went

In the smoke of
thousands of cigarettes
I will breathe in
to the beat of my heart's regrets

For the last time
I will drink to our goddamn fate
With resentment
I'll be spiking my wine with hate

for the human race
for our fall from grace
for your suffering
and the fact that I can't relate

For the last time
I will fight for our need to live
to have given
all the reasons and, all the hope that I can give

to forgive you for
closing the door
on our chances
of winning this war

For the last time
I will pray to the lost divine
to allow us
to rise to the stars and shine

to give us the peace
we so desperately need
and to allow me
to set you free


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