Hymnodi - Joy


This is my dream
this is my need
to open my eyes (to myself and to)
reality (and to find)

a neverending passion and curiosity
to let the curtain fall and to be
as great as I can be

Your world
is just an illusion
Life is a game, it's only in your mind
There is no end to what you can find
in our realities entwined

This is the truth
I'm living through
that you need nothing (and nobody else)
but you (to be free)

to let your spirit fly and to live your fantasy
in endless happiness and to be
as great as you can be
as great as you can be

Postat av: Anonym

Helt underbart vacker musik och video.

2011-08-11 @ 00:14:31
Postat av: Petter

Petter som postade. =P

2011-08-11 @ 00:16:25

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