Black sheep


Where our souls dwell
in frustration and shame
as we're roaming the earth
one is to blame

not for bringing us harm
or even disturbing our sleep
but for being the black sheep.

And when nothing is left
and we're standing alone
looking back to all
that we have known

in the haze of our past
is a hope that we just couldn't fight
that a black sheep seemed to incite

Perhaps it's not you
but I felt good then
now I'm trying to feed on the illusion

that you could inspire
and amuse me
perhaps I'm only relying on a memory

Feel the guilt of nothing
nothing more than
building sheds of dreams
you will be blamed for
everything you never did
all your dissimilarities
are for me
and it goes too deep
it goes too deep

Black sheep
Black sheep
Black sheep


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