I'm not sure if this is the right email address, and if you're not the person I'm looking for, feel free to ignore the following message (and please accept my sincere apology).

I'm trying to get a hold of someone at bet2day casino. Since there is no way, whatsoever, to find any contact information on their (your) website, I have to guess that this is right.
(And since the site address  is, I'm fairly sure it is.)

Before you say anything: No, I will NOT download the software, just to be able to get in touch with you.
You have done absolutely nothing for me, and yet, you're enjoying the privilege of contacting me through email.
I think it's only fair that this freedom is mutual, so I took the liberty to find an email address that I actually can respond to.

Although, on second thought, you DO offer me something - an offer!
Good God, I have to give you something too. Well, consider this a completely FREE lesson in common sense!

Now. This is wat's strange to me:
Not only is the sender (Ryan) of the email I recieved from you (see below) a different man than the signature (Mark) who wrote it (or at least signed it), but also, this Mark/Ryan's unreplyable address is
So now it seems as if there's a third person involved, namely a...Martin Pecheur? From the Netherlands?

In addition, the link in this email takes me to "Bet2day casino", not to Betway, which is the company said to give this offer.
Furthermore, this offer of a "limited time" seems - according to the incredibly vast amounts of information on the website - like a standard deal for all new members, from now on and indefinitely.

This Ryan Harding, who is he? Why is he writing to me, and why is he signing his letter as a "Mark Williams"? Who is this Martin Pecheur guy, if he's real?
Who is this finnish lady Tiina Takko, who registered the domain, and why in the love of God is she doing such a terrible job protecting the reputation of the brand associated with... well, Betway/Bet2day/whichever casino in question here?

As far as I know, spam is usually not recieved with joy and a newly opened mind towards the content of the email or letter (i.e. the spam).
Especially not confusing, false, and fucking irritating spam.

I'll copy the letter you were kind enough to send me, and paste it here, so that you can see what I'm talking about:

Fantastiska nyheter,

Idag är det din turdag, du har blivit utvald till att få ta emot en 200 % välkomstbonus å Bet.2.Day. vägnar.

Detta tämligen eftertraktade erbjudande är endast tillgänglig under begränsad tid, se till så att du inte missar den!

Spelare som har tagit del av denna bonus tidigare njöt av tacksamma belöningar, använd detta erbjudande nu och tredubbla dina insättningar.

Besök Betway nu och hämta din bonus.

Med Vänliga Hälsningar,

Mark Williams

If you're not swedish; here's a translation, with my comments to help you:

Fantastic news,
Today is your lucky day, you have been selected (no I haven't, all new members get this offer) to receive a 200% welcome bonus on Bet.2.Day. (note that this word says "Bet.2.Day", not "Betway") behalf.
This rather coveted offer is only available for a limited time (no, it seems like it's not), make sure you do not miss it!
Players who have taken advantage of this bonus previously enjoyed grateful rewards, use this offer now and triple your deposits.
Visit Betway (note that this word says "Betway", not "Bet.2.Day". Confusing, right?) now and claim your bonus. (this address takes me to Bet2day casino, not Betway, and I'm offered a site with the welcome bonus and not that many other options - unless I download the software. Contact information is nonexistent.)
Best Regards,
Mark Williams (note that this name is Mark Williams, not Ryan Harding, whom my inbox refers to as the sender.)

I'll be the nice guy here, and give you a lecture (remember: completely free of charge!) on how to write a letter.

- First of all, sign it with your OWN name, not someone else's.
- Secondly, don't lie.
- Thirdly, send it from an address associated with you or your company, not some random name from a random country.
- Fourthly, don't get your facts all mixed up. If you're talking about one particular brand or company, don't confuse it with another one.

I would also suggest that you fire all of these people. They're clearly acting unproffessionally, and your brand will be damaged if you don't deal with it.

You're welcome.

Best Begards,
Darth Vader

Jag vet inte om är rätt adress, som sagt. Men eftersom all spam är sjukt svår att spåra/svara på, så skickade jag det till den enda adress jag hittade, ifallomatt.

Postat av: Marcus

Jag fascineras av dig...

Svar: Fascinerande. :)

2012-12-20 @ 20:07:04
Postat av: Marcus

Var bor du Petra? :)

Svar: Här.

2013-01-22 @ 13:01:12

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